Our Mission 

To address the financial burden and educational negligence of autism.  


Create knowledgeable and prepared school environments ୨୧

Teacher Trainings 

It is crucial to have well-trained teachers that can better understand and address the unique needs of autistic students. Teacher training is therefore crucial in fostering an inclusive and supportive educational and social environment. Our non-profit organization is committed to supporting this initiative by funding such training through dedicated fundraisers and generous donations. We aim to create a more equitable and understanding classroom experience for all students through specialized teacher training. 

Aid families in the growing costs of ASD association ୨୧ 

Family Assistance 

Financial support for families affected by autism is crucial due to the growing costs and demands associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These families often face significant expenses for therapies, specialized education, medical treatments, and assistive technologies, which can be overwhelming. Our non-profit organization recognizes these challenges and is committed to providing financial assistance through fundraisers and donations. By easing the financial burden on these families, we aim to ensure that individuals with ASD receive the necessary support and resources to thrive. 



We would greatly appreciate your support in advancing Help Along The Way's mission through any services you are able to provide. 

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