The Story Behind Help Along The Way

Cherish Council, Founder/CEO of Help Along The Way 

“Until recently, I’ve never thought about autism. At least, not personally. I’ve known of autism… I’ve known of its manifestations in awkward pauses and eccentric responses, of its presence in the brightest minds and the funniest classmates, but never what it’s like to live with autism… not what it’s like to constantly question my approach to my autistic little brother,  to overthink before I speak to him, to overanalyze his little gestures, to feel a bit helpless when my mother has difficulties navigating schooling and financing concerning him, or rather, his “disorder”. There is constant awareness of autism and its effects, but not really a guide to cope with it… a helping hand… one that’s not a book at least. I’ve decided to create this non-profit as means to assist households changing with the addition of autism. To change the way that people view ASD and to gather those willing to teach and learn with families affected by the way of life that it shapes. ASD should not stunt the functionalism of a family and their home, it should not hinder their way forward, and it should not be a path traveled alone. Awareness is good… Action is great. If you’ll allow us, we’ll be the help along the way. ”

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